Geek out laptop skins ideas

Whether your profession and current job require long hours of working on your laptop or not, you are most certainly spending a significant share of every day sitting at your laptop or simply carrying it around with yourself. The fact that you are at risk of damaging laptop accidentally and collecting scratches and smudges imposes the need to protect it using various accessories such as laptop skin. Also, the amount of time spent with your laptop, the value of stored data and all usual procedures you conduct using it on a daily basis, create a quite strong attachment to this tech device and make you want to personalize it a bit, make it special or reflect your profile and style on it. Easy, elegant and effective way to do this is to get a new outfit for your laptop with some powerfully designed laptop skin. If you’d like to express your geeky side and aspirations, but in a cool, not nerdy manner, here are some quite attractive ideas.

Star Wars Themed Skin

Playing the Star Wars ticket is always guaranteed success. There are some cool laptop skins designed in rather a simple way with just one element resembling Star Wars. For example, use laptop skin with one neutral, not flashy color dominating background and a picture of Yoda placed at one corner of the skin. It’s a simple and elegant, but rather effective solution.

Mac users

lotrIf you’re the Mac user, geek out with laptop skin showing the Apple sign at the center and a picture of Android eating the apple. Or a laptop skin showing Snow White holding the Apple sign. Or even Super Mario jumping onto the Apple sign. Express your love for Tolkien and Lord of the rings epic stories in a similar manner. Gandalf holding a torch with the Apple sign instead of fire. One Apple to rule them all. Or stylize the Apple sign to picture the face of many favorite actors, fiction characters, such as Walter White from ‘’Breaking bad”. The Apple sign provides an endless collection of ideas for laptop skins you can use to geek out. Unleash your creativity and geeky side of the mind to design and print unique laptop skin that will dress your laptop in a cool fashion and express your geeky, but cool traits.