How to make flowers laptop skins?

Laptops, cell phones and many other digital and tech devices and gadgets are becoming more than just a helping device. Modern technology with all of its achievements has made these products into quite personal accessories people get attached to significantly. People identify with their laptops and strive to reflect their style and creativity onto it. One of the popular methods to redesign your laptop and give it a touch of personal style and originality is to wrap it into extraordinary laptop skin. Laptop skins are pretty much the large stickers with various designs and pictures on them.

Depending on the style presented on the chosen picture you may give your laptop a sense of fresh creativity, or serious business style or chilling and funny design. However, most laptop masks cost, thus many laptop owners choose to create them on their own. Floral design and flower patterns are particularly popular. Here is some advice on how to create floral laptop skin on your own.

Laptop skins are usually printed on various digital printing presses, such as HP Indigo printer, to achieve the highest quality of the chosen pictures. The suitable material is a vinyl substrate that provides adequate flexibility. Thus the skin is easy to wrap and place properly, as well as easy to remove, but won’t slip by itself. You may print it at the precise size of paper or cut it down later.

Find A Proper Picture

flowersEither way, the first step is to download desired photo or picture in high-quality resolution. Photoshop it or edit it in any way you wish, including typing your name as a signature to your laptop. Print the photo using high-quality photo paper or vinyl material and let it dry thoroughly. Make sure the laptop surface is cleaned, because dust or dirt may interfere with gluing the skin. Do not apply glue all over the back surface of the photo. Use strategically scattered spots instead, the best one at each corner of the photo and one at the middle of each side. The glue probably won’t damage laptop surface, but if you don’t want to risk at all, use a photo paper with a double-sided glue on it.

If you want to decorate the whole laptop, print double photo and cut off the shapes surrounding a keyboard to cover them with skin too.