STFCU : Why You Should Start Using STFCU in Managing Your Finance

South Texas Federal Credit Union (STFCU) is a platform which allows you to manage your financials online. There are several things you can accomplish online after you decide to use the platform. For example, you can carry out online loan application among other financial services.

When it comes to handling finance, you should make the right decisions. There are experts available online to help you. You only have to utilize the STFCU platform, and you will interact with experienced financial advisors online for you to make the right move when it comes to managing your finances. Travelling costs can make your loan application expensive, but things have been made very easy for you after you decide to apply the online platform. It has almost all the features you need to enjoy your online transaction.

Benefits of using STFCU

Affordable loans

There are times when you will like to take a loan so that you can solve urgent needs. It is necessary to get the loan from a place where you are assured of fair rates. The platform makes it possible for you to access an affordable loan. It works in a straightforward way where you can compare different lenders so that you can decide on the best. You don’t have to move to where the lenders are located for you to compare their rates. The online platform makes it possible for you to access the loans online.

Check balances online

You can open a checking account and monitor it online. There are times when you will expect payments in your account. With a STFCU account, you don’t have to travel to where the ATMs are located for you to know your account balance. You just use any device at home provided it is internet enabled, and you will know your balance. The platform makes it easy for you to manage your finance from any place you may be located.

View transaction history

It is necessary to keep track of your transaction history so that you can know when unexpected payments have been made out of your account. The platform makes it easy for you to keep track of your transaction history from any location. It is even easy for you to note when wrong transactions have been made so that you can follow-up and correct any errors which can end up in your credit score. The platform has a great design to allow you manage your finance easily.

Transfer funds

There are times when you will like to transfer your funds. It will be effortless to transfer any amount of money from your account if you have the account. The platform makes it possible for you to accomplish different bank transactions online. You have full control of your account after you opt to sign up.

Pay loans

After you take a loan, it will reach a time when you will have to repay the loan. It is easy for you when it comes to repaying your loan. The platform has a simple design where you can quickly pay loans and keep track of your loan repayment progress. If you are looking for ways you can make your loan repayment process less tiresome, then you need to register at STFCU.


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