A few things you need to know about Thermal Cameras

What is a thermal imaging camera?

A thermal camera is a type of camera which produces an image with the use of infrared radiations or wavelength that differs from the common cameras which use the visible light.

Thermal security cameras allow users to see what their eyes cannot or rather “invisible” heat radiation emitted by all objects regardless of lighting conditions. Thermal cameras form video pictures based on the small temperature differences between objects.

How do thermal infrared cameras work?

Since it depends on the wavelength, it’s necessary to know a bit about the radiations produced by objects. Each object usually absorbs the electromagnetic radiation falling on it.

So, it is the camera’s job to detect these radiations, since, the more temperature the object is, the more production of infrared radiation of black bodies. They use infrared radiation for objects’ detection.

How do they differ from normal cameras?

It is the same process done by usual cameras that handle visible light. Images from thermal cameras prefer to use infrared sensors, which do not distinguish the various wavelengths of the infrared radiations.

They are thus capable of working in a complete darkness regardless the surrounding light, that is, light does not affect the devices. However, color cameras need more complex system to differentiate between the different wavelengths.

It is the role of the thermal camera to detect the radiations. Thus, knowing more about the types of these detectors can be beneficial for their users.

So, how can you determine whether a thermal imaging camera is good or not?

The answer is by knowing the advantages and the benefits of thermal camera and then you can decide. Thermal cameras capture the infrared energy, the computer can analyze the infrared signals and produce an image that we can see.

One of the best features of thermal imagers cameras is that they work in dark because of their ability to use the heat emitted by the object, so there is no need for sunlight or any type of light to assist the Camera detecting objects.

What are they used for?

These type of Cameras can be too fruitful in many ways due to their abilities to detect objects.

As a human being, you have a great ability to see, but what is crucial here is how you can see what your naked eye cannot see? Thermal infrared cameras have the best solution for that problem because they use the energy or the heat emitted by objects.

So, darkness will not be an issue, even a concrete wall will not be an obstruction in front of such cameras and by using them, you will be able to discover any gas or cooling systems leaks.

    1. Security.

imaging Thermal cameras are very effective security gadgets in any environment. The technology can effectively detect intruders and other potential hazards.

    1. Fire fighting.

Firefighters use thermal imaging cameras as their sixth sense to detect any besieged people because by these cameras they can see through the smoke and localize hot spots of fire.

Nowadays, firefighting departments train firefighters to use cameras to improve their work and of course to save more souls.

    1. Construction works.

Building technicians and construction workers use the cameras to detect leaks of any kind such as gas, water and heat leaks, and they also can discover any hole or gap in the walls or in the ground. In this way, they can maintain the structural integrity.

    1. Military and Police.

Military and police use these cameras in detecting any terrorism attempts such as bombs. Thus, these thermal cameras are used as an anti-terrorism technique to enforce the law.

    1. Archaeology.

Regarding science, Archaeology is one of the crucial sciences which use thermal cameras. So, archaeologists use them to locate unmarked graves and to determine if the graves or the chambers contain humans or animals” bodies without the need to open these graves or chambers to maintain their sanctity.

    1. Medicine.

For medicine, these cameras can be a tremendous help for detecting breast cancer by providing a safe, effective and an accurate method for detection, so no more mammogram pain or radiation toxic effects. Cancerous cells appear much warmer than the normal cells which the thermal cameras can detect the thing which can identify the cancerous cells up to ten years before the tumour was formed.

These cameras are the perfect solution in many fields of business, in addition to the above advantages and benefits, thermal cameras can also be used in banks, industries, factories and many more.